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See every transaction as it happens and plan your revenue projections with accurate data. Get a top-line view of your company revenue or zoom all the way into a channel, portfolio, user or individual transaction.

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Companies who trust in Tratta

Reconcile in minutes

Teams who use Tratta have experienced at least a 50% reduction in errors that result in financial loss and close month-end 2-4 days faster, leading to a dramatic improvement in accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Stop payment plan breakage

Trattas built in subscription management tools alert, update and transform payment plans using historical payment method data to be proactive and extend the continuity of every eligible plan until it completes.

Eliminate declines, returns & chargebacks

Companies using Tratta have decreased declines, returns & chargebacks by over 60% using built in verification and validation technology to guarantee accurate payment information before processing a transaction.